A Bit About Us

Totimart was established in Saudi Arabia in June 2015, the idea was created from our central office in Birmingham in the UK. Totimart’s mission is to provide an independent online supermarket to our customers, with the finest shopping experience in relation to service, range and quality, which constructs a strong business. Totimart is a unique solution for efficient grocery shopping in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and our aim is to expand and offer our services to every city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The world is moving constantly, propelled by different shopping habits and ever more innovative technology for the consumer. The rapid growth of shopping using mobile devices globally and the sharp increase in technology in the KSA opens new opportunities. We are well positioned to take advantage of these long-term trends for the benefit of our customers, with the population of Riyadh currently at 6.5million. Furthermore, 64% of the residents of Riyadh are Saudi citizens and the remaining are expats, some of which are English speaking living in compounds. Totimart is bilingual offering a solution to the language barrier for those expatriates that struggle to grasp the language. Alongside this, there are 4.8million registered vehicles on their roads, resulting regularly in gridlock, this combined with the harsh daily temperatures in Riyadh discourages supermarket shopping. Totimart is the ideal to solution to all of your shopping needs, providing a stress-free professional service, with a large range of high quality produce.

We Are Committed

We are committed to providing an optimal grocery delivery services to our customers in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The customer has the opportunity to receive healthy meals and recommendations tailored to them, to encourage them to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This will be achieved through our associate brand “TotiFit”. TotiFit is an app based project with sign up and download available via our website. TotFit’s personalisation questionnaire generates a food plan tailored to your unique preferences, producing unlimited healthy recipes. Alongside this, a time saving shopping list will be created, that you can have delivered straight to your door via Totimart.

Our Values

We provide our customers with the kind of service we’d like to receive. We deliver on our guarantees, whether that’s delivering in unsuitable weather conditions, or replying to your questions and concerns quickly and efficiently. We aim to find the finest and easiest way to support our customers, to make shopping simple and convenient for them. Giving them more time to spend on more important things, “time is precious” don’t waste it. We aim to only hire and promote people who are committed to being the best in our line of work and we wish to be entirely fair and honest with all our customers, employees, and suppliers.


Shopping with us is convenient and stress-free, it couldn’t be simpler with Totimart’s user-friendly, multi-platform technology system. We’ve planned and designed everything possible, so that you can replace your previous hour round visits to the supermarket in under 10 minutes, whilst in the comfort of your own home. Our user friendly technology allows you to find the items you want from your desktop or mobile device within seconds. Alongside this, the integration of food lists gives you a personalised touch as our technology will remember your shopping list, saving you even more time and less hassle.


Home Delivery

You can choose your shopping to be delivered to your doorstep, as soon as one hour after placing your order. Our experienced personalised shoppers will hand pick your groceries, ensuring they select the freshest and highest quality products available. Using our bespoke technology, we will notify you instantly if there is ever a problem with your delivery. If there is a delay in transport don’t worry, our delivery vehicles have been fitted with state of the art cooling systems allowing us to keep your goods as fresh as they are in the supermarket. You will be able to see exactly where your groceries are once on route. After every trip our vehicles are cleaned to maintain the highest level of hygiene for transporting your goods.

Click & Collect

Click & collect allows you to pick up your shopping at a time that suits you, we want to save you time. As Totimart continues to expand, the accessibility and locations you’ll be able to collect your shopping from, will make getting your groceries even more convenient.


We have a variety of recipes from global cuisines available to view on our website. Designed by our very own chef ensuring they meet the taste expectations of our local people. With a few simple clicks you can have the entire ingredients added to your basket, for delivery along with the recipe instructions. The recipes are categorised for your convenience to make it easier to find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy foods snacks.

Mobile Topup

Our website will provide a mobile top-up service providing credit for STC, ZAIN, MOBILEY networks. This service is for your convenience with top-up available with a few simple clicks. The credit will be displayed to you on the screen once you have finished the transaction.

Our Team

Totimart has carefully selected its hardworking, dedicated employees that are focused on doing the best for our customers. Half of our team are based in Birmingham, UK and the rest in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to provide a varied and knowledgeable base for our services. Our team is committed and have a range of different skills and experience to ensure we offer the finest service to our customers.

Our customer service team is on hand to provide our customers with the finest service and will endeavor to reply to your questions and concerns quickly and efficiently. Our well trained personal shoppers are committed to being the best in our line of work, in order to provide the customer with a pleasant experience and achieve lifelong loyalty.